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Welcome to the Project GUTS - Supercomputing Challenge Summer Teacher Institute

Thanks to a Google CS4HS grant and LANS (Los Alamos National Security) at LANL, we are holding our fifth annual joint professional development at New Mexico Tech, from July 15th - 27th. Move into Baca Hall any time after 3 PM, Sunday, to register and then we will go over to Fidel Center for an opening BBQ and introductions at 5:30. Our second week will be held regionally and online.

Group Photo

Summer Teacher Institute 2012 participants in front of Cramer Hall

STI Schedule

Both Strands

Strand 1

Strand 2

Guest Speakers

NMT cafeteria information (breakfast and lunch)

Lecture Notes and Resources

Broadening Participation

Data Literacy

Sunday Evening Activity (This is the picture and wordle from the curriculum.)

Lo-Res Room Activity Picture


Computational Thinking

Best Practices, Barriers and Affordances - Ideas from Participants

Computer Science

Celebrating the 100th Centennial of Alan Turing's Birthday


Scratch Resources

Fractal Talk and Resources

Data Literacy from NMT EPSCoR

Data Analysis

Old Data, etc.




Robotics Resources Evening Program

  • First Semester BEST Robotics (focus on design and building from scratch material - Remote Control Robots - majority of effort is put into building robot)
  • Second Semester Botball (focus on design and programming - Autonomous Robots - majority of effort is put into programming)


Common Core Standards

New CSTA Curriculum Standards


Next Generation Science Standards

Supercomputing Challenge

Supporting Materials


Technical Writing

Tower of Hanoi


Reflective Blog


Participants' Projects



Organizations and Free Lists and Newsletters

You Heard IT Here First

Around Socorro

Physical Exercise Options

Open to All Tech Students

Prior Year's STI Wikis

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